What is a Capital Guaranteed Investment?

Protected & Accessible Returns

Apater understands circumstances can change. Unlike many capital protected offerings, funds in our Capital Guaranteed investments (CGI) can be accessed in full at anytime. Clients therefore can enjoy both the benefit of guaranteed returns and flexibility of withdrawal if needed. We offer simple solutions via Accountants to those earning 0% on hard earned funds.

3.5% 3 Year Fixed Rate Apater CGI

Our highest returning Capital Guaranteed offering is the 3.5% 3 Year Fixed Rate Apater CGI. After consultation with Rodliffe, we have constructed the Apater 3.5% 3 Year CGI to be as simple and straight forward as possible.

Rather than the typical 0%, earn 3.5% on deposits. If circumstances change and some or all of a deposit needs to be accessed, this can be done at anytime. Interest is simply removed from the amount withdrawn.

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1 2 3 Fixed Rate Apater CGI

The 1 2 3 Fixed Rate CGI is as simple as it’s name suggests. Returns of 1% are paid after Year 1, 2% after Year 2 and 3% after Year 3. Yes this Capital Guaranteed offering returns less than the 3.5%, but may be more appropriate if there is a high likelihood of withdrawal within 3 year window.

After each 12-month period, the return is locked in (1% after 12 months, 2% after following 12 months & 3% after final 12 months).

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